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Curtin, ‘Medical knowledge and you may urban planning into the warm Africa’, AHR, 90, step three (June 1985), 594-613; Raymond F

Curtin, ‘Medical knowledge and you may urban planning into the warm Africa’, AHR, 90, step three (June 1985), 594-613; Raymond F

Grillot, ‘Dans ce Haut-Congo Fran9ais \ MC (step one9step 14), step one40-1

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Fehderau, The foundation and you may growth of Kituba (Lingua Franca Kikongo) (Kisangani: Universite Libre du Congo, 1966) suggests that Kituba was a vocabulary in the slave trade; William J

122 AGPSE, B706, Brazzaville Goal Record, 30 Could possibly get 1908; R. P. C. 123 Girard, ‘Brazzaville’, 38-9. 124 Select, eg, J.-P. Chretien and you will Grams. Prunier (eds.), Les ethnies ont une histoire (Paris: Karthala, 1989); Leroy Vail (ed.), The manufacture of tribalism inside the southern Africa (London: James Currey, 1989; Chris Gray, Modernization and you will social identity: the creation of federal place from inside the rural France and you can colonial place for the rural Gabon (Bloomington: Indiana College Center on International Transform and World Tranquility, 1994); Terence Ranger, Brand new innovation from traditions in colonial Africa’, in Hobsbawm and you will Ranger (eds.), The new invention from culture, 211-62, which he provides changed since innovation out of society reviewed: possible away from colonial Africa’, into the Terence Ranger and you will Olufemi Vaughan (eds.), Legitimacy while the condition within the twentieth millennium Africa (London: Macmillan, 1993), 62-111. On the inform out-of his article, Ranger has been swayed, and others, because of the Benedict Anderson, Imagined communities: reflections to the sources and you will pass on out of nationalism (London: Verso, 1983). 125 Harold W. Samarin, The brand new root out of Kituba and you may Lingala’, Diary from African Languages and you will Linguistics, twelve, step 1 (September 1991), 47-77, means that its diffusion is far more linked to international railway experts on the down Congo. 126 ASMF, Elizabeth l l . Brev fran Kongo, dutch dating websites Lindgren to SMF, 18 October 1911; B and you will Age. zero. step 1, Korr., Lindgren in order to SMF, eleven November 1911; F. zero. step 1, Dagbok, twenty-two March 1914; Brev fran Kongo, G. A good. Hult so you can SMF, eleven January 1918. 127 Speech regarding Governor-Standard Merlin, BCAF, 10 (1910), 337. 128 Girard, ‘Brazzaville’, 38-9; AOM, 4(2)D13, Report regarding Pool region, Brazzaville, May 1913. 129 Mumbansa mwa Bawele, ‘Y an excellent-t-il de l’ensemble des Bangalas?’ Zaire-Afrique, 78 (arin, ‘The root off Kituba and you will Lingala’, 47, 57-69, and you can ‘Bondjo ethnicity and you can colonial imagination’, Canadian Record regarding African Education, 18 (1984), 345-65. 130 ‘Brazzaville’, BPSE, twenty five (1909-10), 511; AGPSE, B706, Brazzaville Mission Diary, 29 Can get 1908,25 September 1910,1 December 1913. 131 Select chapters step three and you may cuatro. 132 Grillot, ‘Dans le Haut-Congo Francais’, 139; ‘Brazzaville’, BCPSE, twenty seven (1913-14), 55; P. Augouard, Quarante-quatre annees au Congo (Evreux: Poussin, 1934), fifty, 72-step 3,105. 133 Girard,’Brazzaville’, 29, 31. 134 AOM, 4(2)D5, Management statement, Moyen-Congo, September-November 1910. 135 Frederick Cooper, ‘Urban place, industrial go out, and you can wage work inside the Africa’, in his Battle towards the area, 23. 2 step 1

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