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This type of communities are located significantly more than water-top, on South-Western edge of the latest Sicani Hills

This type of communities are located significantly more than water-top, on South-Western edge of the latest Sicani Hills

19 centenarians (10 lady and nine males) living at your home from the four municipalities out-of Bisacquino, Castronovo, Chiusa Scalafani, Giuliana and you can Prizzi throughout the West part of Sicily, Italy, was in fact understood to the present data. Subjects were individuated by the general therapists in addition to their ages searched within the the brand new birth registries. Since a much deeper control, on the interviews, types of appeal is actually reduced into concordance between advertised ages and private chronologies (age relationship as well as army service for men, period of first and you may past pregnancy for ladies, period of people, among others). The newest sufferers underwent an actual test and you may an early morning fast bloodstream venous attempt is received having studying blood chemistry variables. Anthropometric steps provided level, lbs, and the body mass index (BMI) [pounds (kg)/height (m2)]. Also, new Mini Health Analysis (MNA), First Affairs out of Everyday living (ADL) and also the Important Issues of Daily living (IADL) were administrated. ADL and you may IADL was indeed reviewed of the interviewing members as well as their caregivers [13, 14]. Real things (buffet providing, intestinal and you may kidney continence, position ability, the total amount away from general products, baths and dressing up show), nerve situations (auditory acuity and vision) and you may cognitive abilities (comprehension and you may notice-expression) was basically included in the ADL. For each goods is actually classified towards five kinds of self-sufficiency: entirely independent, independent but sluggish, separate with problem, partly built and you will entirely built, using a place score out of a dozen to one, correspondingly.

The analysis is actually approved by regional University Hospital Ethics Panel; the point and functions of your data was indeed told the subjects, and you will advised and you can authored concur are taken from the players otherwise caregivers.


Dining table step 1 illustrates the brand new prevalence away from centenarians in the Italy as well as in the analysis urban area; i have understood 19 centenarian, 10 ladies and nine boys certainly one of a populace of 18,327 population. In this area the brand new centenarian number are cuatro.32-flex greater than brand new federal mediocre ( against. 2.4/ten,000). It is significant that men centenarian count are -flex higher than this new national average ( compared to. 0.,000). Female/male proportion was step 1.1:one in the research area, while the federal proportion is 4.54:step one.

Every centenarians reside in children family, generally employing family members. Individual ADL and you will IADL score was in the sounding meagerly separate both for sexes. An excellent anamnesis on one individual stated a poor auditory acuity and poor plans, as they was basically clear of cardiac cardiovascular disease, serious cognitive impairment, really serious actual disability, medically evident malignant tumors otherwise kidney deficit.

From inside the Figure 1, MNA example administrated so you’re able to compliment centenarian is actually found , while Shape dos profile a consistent normal daily diet. Centenarians hired within these area had a tendency to become truly productive, non-overweight, brief within the prominence, with an everyday Bmi (23.6 ± 3.1), effective of a few degree of fat restrict with a high intake regarding regular bush food and lowest animal meat intake. Their eating plan reveals the lowest glycemic list just like the lower out-of understated carb (no light dough, lowest quantity of spaghetti, no sweeteners, nice products, can dining, frozen already prepared make or foods, snacks desserts otherwise dishes). Additionally, he’s got an excellent consumption out-of olive and you may virgin organic olive oil out of some other cultivar specifically: Nocellara out-of Belice, Biancolilla, Giarraffa and Ogliarola you to appears to have essential anti-oxidant attributes (unpublished studies). From inside the Profile 3, Body mass index and you may MNA was plotted together demonstrating the greatest accordance anywhere between diet and the body bulk index.


Inside the Italy this current year the population old one hundred edarling nedir age and more keeps 14 thousand products, which the brand new centenarian prevalence is actually 2.4/. Already you can find nearly five centenarian women for example kid. However, for the Italy there clearly was a northern to help you Southern gradient on female/men proportion in centenarians . To get understanding of new part out-of intercourse and you can environment, i’ve started a generation analysis in Sicily demonstrating one from inside the slope areas out of Sicily you will find a zone of men durability with similar has to those found in Sardinia, from the so-titled Blue Region [11, twelve, 16]. In both cases the latest municipalities alarmed do not include polluted components consequently they are small, for the low quantity of people. For this reason, longevity is far more prevalent into the guys residing a small city, in place of contamination, more than likely due to some other operating criteria, various other traditions i.age. less smoking and you will alcoholic abuse and you can Mediterranean diet. Appropriately, these two elements in Sicily and in Sardinia together with share reduced death off cancer and you can aerobic diseases [eleven, 16–18].

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